Software Engineering

The aim of the Software Engineering program is to train engineers to gain professional knowledge and skills which are required worldwide, to analyze software projects in accordance with the principles of software engineering, to achieve the ability to think analytically, to use their creative ideas and to be able to work collaboratively.

The advantages of the program; Software engineering will be a profession which will be required in the future as it is now. Technologies that shape the future, such as artificial intelligence, data science, robots, smart cities, self-driving cars, are all areas of software engineering. Compared to other professions, it is much easier to find a job in this field and engineers have the opportunity to work at high wages.

Students who graduate from the program can be employed in public offices, municipalities, private companies, educational institutions or could set up their own business. Students who graduate from the Software Engineering department are able to work as a system analyst, system engineer, design engineer, web design and program specialist, information technology specialist, application programmer, management in information technology departments of companies, data management, computer aided industrial design and application engineer.

SOFTWARE ENGINEERING AND CYBER SECURITY students will take additional courses and upon graduation they will be awarded a certificate in addition to their diploma