Civil Engineering

Civil engineering has been a fundamental aspect of life since the beginning of history. The discipline of civil engineering deals with the planning, design and construction of buildings, bridges, tunnels, transportation facilities and other structures required for the health, welfare, safety, employment and pleasure of the society and for environmental control and use of natural resources.

As the Department of Civil Engineering, our fundamental principles are based on sharing our academic knowledge and professional experience with our students and providing them with the ability and insight to use the required analytical skills to solve engineering problems by making fast and efficient decisions through good use of resources with an absolute respect to ethics. The Department of Civil Engineering also aims to train high-qualified civil engineers whose talents, skills, abilities and knowledge meet the requirements and needs of the state and private institutions, and support development as well as contributing advancements in the civil engineering field, and carry out research facilities to bring new insight into the academic bases of this field.

Job Opportunities
Graduates of Civil Engineering Department find job opportunities in all kind of state and industrial construction sectors which require planning, designing, constructing, controlling of constructions and infrastructures of industrial buildings and investments such as dams, airports, bridges, roads, harbours, sewerage and drainage systems, waterworks, and so on.