Assist. Prof. Dr. Refet RAMİZ
Assist. Prof. Dr. Refet RAMİZ

I was born in 17th July 1971 in North Nicosia/ North Cyprus-T.R.N.C. I am citizen of both North Cyprus and Turkey.

After I graduated from the Lefkoşa Turkish Lycee (LTL)-Sec. School in 1989 with 3rd highest degree in the School, I passed the OYS general university examination (with the 5th highest level in the country) and entered to the YTU-Istanbul, Electronic and Communication Engineering Dept., and I graduated from there in 1993 with the 2nd highest degree in My department. In 1996, I graduated from the Communication Engineering Master Program (MSc.) with the 1st highest degree in My department and with the 2nd highest degree in the institute, and in 2000 I completed My doctorate program in Communication Engineering (PhD.) with honor. Some of my works, work experiences are as follows;

I worked as an Assistant Professor in Y.T.U. University-Electronic and Communication Eng, Dept. Electromagnetic Fields and Microwave Techniques Dept.-Istanbul/Turkey, and in Istanbul Air Force Academy between 2000-2006 period, also worked at CIU University-North Nicosia in February-June 2007 period, at Çankaya University-Ankara in 2008-2009 period, and worked at NEU University-North Nicosia between March-June 2011 period. I am working at the NEU University, North Cyprus/TRNC since from September 2014, and giving courses in Engineering Faculty (Electrical & Electronic Engineering Department, Biomedical Engineering Department, Information and Systems Engineering Department), Graduate School of Applied Sciences (Electrical & Electronic Engineering Department), Graduate School of Social Sciences (International Relations Department, Political Science Department).

I consulted, coordinated/directed the projects/law drafts to the Governments, some Associations and/or to other groups in Turkey and in North Cyprus/TRNC, directly and indirectly, about the subjects related with my professional interests since 1993-cont..

I founded the first standard GSM System Laboratory of Turkey in 2002. I founded the Y.T.U.-IEEE club in 2001, and first Y.T.U.-Solar Car club in 2005 too.

I supervised more than 55 final thesis/projects. I have been in the student encouragement, support committee. I opened (new developed) new courses about “Electronic Defense Systems”, “Standard GSM System Test and Measurements”, “Fundamentals for Protecting Electronic and Communication Systems”, “Sustainable Administrative System”. I have 3 books, 32 international article/conference papers, 20 national articles, more than 1500 technical reports, more than 40 law-court expert reports to Istanbul Minor Courts, Istanbul Courts of Administration, Istanbul Commercial Courts. I prepared and signed up 1 national official protocol, 1 national private protocol (2002) and 1 international official protocol (MoM-2004).

I examined/evaluated projects and/or files about various companies, private associations, public associations with the value of more than 1 billion USD through law-court expert duties appointed by Istanbul Courts. I also constituted and realized national laws and organizations under some projects which earned more than 50 billion USD to the Turkish Government (TR) and related private sectors.

I am invited to organise 4 international conferences, 1 national symposium and 1 congress. I invited to 3 international People to People Ambassador programs as a delegate. I have been in the following countries for participating to the international committee assembly as a representative delegate of Turkey, and/or for participating to the conferences, symposiums, meetings I invited, and/or for private visiting purposes; Azerbaijan, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Egypt, France, Germany, Hungary, Israel, Italy, Malaysia, Morocco, Netherlands, North Cyprus/TRNC, Palestine, Portugal, Romania, Russia, South Cyprus, Spain, Switzerland, Taiwan, Turkey, UAE, UK, USA and Vatican (in alphabetic order).

I took the responsibility to execute the projects about Turkcell and Telsim (Vodafone) GSM operator companies in Turkey between 2001-2006. I am one of the first person who authorised to make electromagnetic measurements around Turkey (2001). I made consultancy to Turkey Telecommunication Authority (today its name is changed as Information and Communication Authority-BTK/ITCA) about this subject. I prepared and signed up collaboration agreements between Ericsson/Turkey and YTU University-İstanbul in 2002. I also prepared and signed up collaboration agreements between Turkey Telecommunication Authority and YTU University-İstanbul/Turkey in 2002.  I completed 2 research fund projects.

I made consultancy (officially between 2000-2006, and in other dates) about the projects (so called IMEI, etc.) and about preparing various electronic and communication law drafts under the constitution of Telecommunication Authority. I coordinated, executed, directed the international official meetings, collaborations between the U.K. and Republic of Turkey’s Official associations (Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Internal Affairs, Ministry of Transportation, Undersecretary of Foreign Commerce, Undersecretary of Customs, Telecommunication Authority, etc.). A national project, which includes a system all around Turkey region, with the value of nearly 20 million USD is established in Turkey, through my coordination and collaboration with kind person Dr.Mehmet Altuner.

I became member of the various national/international scientific and/or social, strategic Associations, Societies, Research Centers, Institutes, Philosophy Associations, Unions, Academies, Commissions through their kind invitations, or some kind advices, or by my direct request.

I reviewed, refereed 12 international journal articles, national symposium articles. I am dutied/did transform 47 European Norms, standards to the Turkish Standards. I won North-Cyprus (T.R.N.C.) National Education Ministry’s undergraduate scholarship, National Education Ministry’s Master scholarship and National Education Ministry’s Doctorate encouragement scholarships.

My professional interests includes “in general” (in alphabetic order); Administrations, Community Values, Designing, Education, Electronic and Communications, History, Information and service, Inspection, Integration, Law, Natural Sources and Energy, Philosophy and Philosophy Branches, Politics, Production, Research&planning, Sciences, Security, Standards and Others.

My Reference Book-1:

‘Ülkeler Birliği ve Türkiye ve Diğer Ülkeler İçin Sürdürülebilir Siyasi Yönetim Sistemi : Sistemin Temelleri,

(Countries’ Union and Continuable Political Administration System for Turkey and Other Countries :Basics of the System)‘ by Assist.Prof.Dr.Refet RAMİZ, May 2010.

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